City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Review

Okay let me start by saying: Magnus Bane is an amazing man who deserves all the love in the world.

Okay, carrying on… This book is amazing to say the least. 10/10 would recommend even though for the first half of the book I hated all of the characters except for Alec and Hodge. Ooops.

The imagery in this book is overall amazing, and it really made me feel something. I love the action in this book, and the way everything is described just made me so ready to keep reading. Clary seems a little, I don’t know how to describe her, but she just agitated me to no end. By the end of the book I loved every single character though so that is a major twist from the beginning of the book.

Speaking of twists, this book is full of them. I loved the plot twists that came with this book, it really kept you on the edge of your seat. I highly highly recommend this book if you liked other books like Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc.

The book is happy, sad, funny, infuriating, really its a whole party of emotions so go check it out if you haven’t yet! Have a great night -Shelby

2 thoughts on “City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Review

  1. How had I already forgotten that you loved Hodge? My brain amazes me sometimes. Also my Clary Fairchild loving heart really hopes you start to like her more, but I understand if you don’t.


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