The Book Version vs. The Movie Version Reviewed

Hey, so for this week I will be reviewing how well the movie lines up to the book and giving it a star review. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Book: 5 stars. I absolutely adore this book, it was the first John Green book I ever read. It’s the first book I ever read that truly made me emotional. I don’t usually cry at anything, but this book really hit me hard. I love how negative Hazel Grace is, like it honestly makes me so happy because I can relate to that so much. I am so negative all the time so…my apologies for friends irl. Gus makes me happy and I fell in love with him as a character, but Issac will always be my favorite character overall. This was amazing book it made me laugh, cry, scream (out of anger @ stupid Peter), and smile. If you want a heart-wrenching book, I highly recommend this, I read it every summer and for some reason I love it a little more every time.

Movie: 3.5 or 4 stars. This movie is a pretty good adaptation of the book, I won’t say it isn’t. I’m just saying that they could’ve done better is all I’m saying. Like I wish they would have talked about her weird lowkey stuck-up friend or the little girl in the mall who wanted to try out her cannula. Overall, the characters were pretty much how I pictured them while reading it the first two or three times before seeing the movie. (Except for Peter, I pictured him older and uglier). Of course, I will be upset that they didn’t put in certain details because I am in love with books because of their detail, it’s also why I love to write books, but I am aware that they cannot put everything in the movie or else it will be ridiculously long. My favorite scene to watch playout was the night of the broken trophies, it will always make me smile just thinking about it. Overall, very good book, very good plot brought to life on the screen, just needed some added details.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Book: 4 stars. I think this book was very good from what I remember, and had a very important message behind what people do and say can truly impact a person’s life.I think there were some very harsh scenes throughout this book, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s hard when its for YA readers. This caused backlash not just for the book, but for the TV show that accompanied it. It was hard to read at some points because of the content, but truly it was an amazing book with an amazing message, that had a great character list. The characters made you feel something: good, bad, love, hate. No matter what they made you feel something. I DO NOT recommend this book if you are triggered by depression, anxiety, suicide, or sexual assault scenes.

TV Show: 4 stars. Okay, I know this isn’t movie but I thought it was important to mention. It was one of the most controversial Netflix shows when it came out in 2017. It caused a lot of backlash for the first season because of the content of the show. Dealing with those kinds of issues, mental health issues that is, is never easy, but when it is on Netflix they can show a lot more than on regular TV. This being said it was very graphic. You saw every single thing that someone did to Hannah Baker, and at times it was very, very hard to watch. I think it was very well done, but they could have done without making some of it so graphic. I know at my high school at home, when it came out they sent out warnings urging people to please not watch it. This of course did not work. Season two only went further with their graphic content, but this was not because of a book. There is no sequel book to the first, but this was rather Netflix’s writing. Overall, this is a great tv series and I watch every season that comes out, but if you are going through anything that is shown in the show I ask you to please reach out to someone, anyone. I will put all hotline numbers at the bottom of this post and create a page for them on my blog as well.

  The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

Books: 4-4.5 stars. I will be honest, I still read these books. I love them a lot, but that doesn’t mean I do not see their flaws. It’s easy to see how these books can be seen as slow at the beginning, as her life is dull and she’s just so weirdly negative about everything. Edward is a strangely kinda cool vampire that is alluring, and sparkly, can’t forget sparkly. Overall, I think the action that is in these books are my favorite and I love vampires and werewolves so like that’s a plus. I really like hearing Bella’s inner monologue though, that’s always fun. I like hearing her snarky comments and sarcastic thoughts. If you like the idea of fantasy meeting modern world, I think you should read this series.

Movies: 4.5 stars. I watched the movies before I read the books, but overall I like the movies more, which I know is a very unpopular opinion. The special effects that they use throughout the movies really fascinates me, I really enjoy it. I like being able to see the action I liked reading so much about. I don’t have a lot to say about these movies, other than I really like the character choices. Many people criticize Kristen Stewart, but honestly she nailed Bella’s vulnerable, weird, shy and awkward character. Alice will always be my favorite character, not just because she’s one half of my favorite couple in the series, but because she’s such a little fairy and so sweet.

Paper Towns by John Green

Book: 4 stars. So, if you love adventure and plot twist and Black Santas this is

the book for you. I love the humor throughout this book and the opening really

captures your attention. Who else starts a book off with a dead guy in a park with a bunch of kids? Not many that I know of that aren’t horror books. I love the idea of doing an all night revenge spree, how is that not badass and awesome? Trick question it’s 100% badass and awesome. This book made me laugh a lot, and quite frankly I love the characters a lot. I love Margo more than I should probably, but I love her a lot. Her love of revenge makes me happy, let me tell ya.

Movie: 2.5-3 stars. Okay, I lowkey hate this movie. It sucked. It didn’t portray

anyone like I thought it would. I did not enjoy any part of the movie at all, I don’t

know it just seemed really badly done. In protest, I’ve only watched the movie once. I only gave two to three stars because it did have some of the things in the book that I like, but none that were memorable enough for me tbh. Oops.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Book: 4 stars. So I really like this book, the girlier side of me really loves this book. I’ll be honest my only problem with this book is that I think it is a little slow, but that is probably because I watched the movie before reading the book. This book made me bawl like a baby even though I knew what was going to happen. Their love is like lowkey relatable because they don’t have the perfect cookie-cutter relationship like most romance movies.They show it is okay to fight and argue and bicker, but that they can make-up and still love each other. I think that is something important that a lot of romance novels don’t really show.

Movie: 4-4.5 stars. This was the first thing from Nicholas Sparks that I ever watched, and it made my little twelve year old heart die. This book kind of showed me that not all love stories are extremely happy through the whole thing and that they have ups and downs, but that is okay. I think this book brings up some important things that happen often, especially in their older years and their summer romance. I really love Noah a lot.

Love, Simon by Becky Albertalli

Book: 5 stars. I absolutely adore this book. It is honestly one of my favorite books out there. I love Simon as a character and how he is just going through his high school life trying to understand his sexuality and himself. I think this book is important for closeted people tbh, because this gives a insight of not being alone. The bullying that goes along in the movie is heartbreaking as he is blackmailing a closeted boy and holding that over his head. The representation in the book is really important as it is a interracial gay couple, which I personally think be done more often.

Movie: 4 stars. The movie and the book are drastically different in their details, they don’t use the same musicals/plays, the way he finds the emails are different from what I remember. I really like the movie because it was really well done, but I just wish that they would have kept at least some of the same details as in the book in the movie as well.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Book: 10/5 stars. Literally my favorite book on the planet, like wowzers. I love every single one of the characters, my favorite is Sodapop, Ponyboy and Johnny. This was the first book I ever truly loved. I have read it I don’t even know how many times. Just it’s a great coming of age book about a group of greasers that are against a group of wealth of kids their age called “the socs.” I love the adventure that Johnny and Ponyboy go on and how brave they are. It is a heart-wrenching tale of these poor boys who are just trying to survive being greasers in the 50’s.

Movie: 10/5 once again stars. Okay, so the movie is basically exactly like the book. It’s amazing. The cast that they have for the characters is god damn genius. They are all amazing actors and actresses, I think the best fit was Sodapop as he really showed through with the confident aura, as well as Johnny who played the poor boy who was abused really really well. I just love the greaser era so it’s just amazing. This is my favorite movie of all time in case you couldn’t tell.

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed my reviews on these adaptations and their books. As promised I have the hotline for the American Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255. If you ever need anything I am here and open to talking! Yeah, I realized I don’t want to have a schedule so I shall be posting kind of whenever. Have a great rest of your night/day! -Shelby

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