Review of Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh! by Wiley Blevins

I was given an Arc by Netgalley and in return I shall write an honest review: 

Overall, this book is adorable. I really enjoyed the main character and his antics to get out of reading. I found the ending to be extremely important and something not a lot of people talk about, but often happens. I found it very endearing, funny, amusing and relate-able. It is something a lot of young people should read that have difficulty in a certain area at school, not just reading is addressed but also math. 

I would read this book to, or with, my kid when I get older because I think it shows an important message of it’s never too late to learn something if you are determined to do so. I especially enjoyed reading about his antics with his best friend, Pinky. I found it amusing and very little boy-ish. 

I really enjoyed the comic relief in this book, because yes it is about a kid who cannot read, but it has some very amusing parts in it to cut the tension of what will happen next. 

I would recommend this book to moms with kids around Trevor Lee’s age and use it as a tool to show that it is okay if you are a little behind the other kids, it’s not a race. 

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