Can Shelby guess if the quotes are real?? Keep reading to find out…

Okay, hi. I know this is not a book review but I thought it would be fun to guess if these Shadowhunters quotes are real or not…I’m probably gonna fail not gonna lie.

  1. You want tomato soup and a mango for dinner?” So this sounds like something Simon would say for some reason idk why, but real???
  2. “The Queen says it is an exact duplicate. It was made with the assistance of a wizard of great power called OfficeMax, of whom I know nothing.” Okay, this sounds real maybe?? Maybe not, now I’m not sure…I’m gonna stick with real
  3. “Lily shook her head. ‘The 1930s were such a disappointment. Every year, they insisted on not being the 1920s.’” Fake????
  4. “‘Excuse you,’ Magnus said, ‘I’m both older and more fabulous than Julius Caesar.’” I mean real, because duh
  5. “‘My grandfather was a worm, if that’s what you mean,’ Anna said. Ariadne laughed aloud. ‘You didn’t like him? ‘I didn’t know him,’ Anna said. ‘He was, quite literally, a worm. “ Definitley not real “literally a worm” lol
  6. “If your name isn’t James Carstairs, Church isn’t interested in being your friend, or even liking you in the slightest.” I mean maybe real because Church and I are the same in hatred of people, but “Carstairs??” Fake
  7. “‘Why are you wearing a T-shirt under your other T-shirt?’” Livvy asked. ‘In case one of them is stolen,’ Mark said, as it were entirely normal.” Real, because weird
  8. “‘They’re here right now?’ Clary sputtered. ‘But – I’m wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Unicorn Power’” Oh I hope this is real
  9. “Tessa smiled, ‘Why would I settle for less than the best?’’ Idk Tessa but what a queen, and I am hoping for real
  10. “And nobody will let you have your own kid until you stop putting other people’s kids in bags meant for axes and trying to smuggle them out on patrol.” This just sounds real, but probably fake so I’m saying fake.

I’ve only read the first book, so I know all of these are hundred percent wrong…oops sorry. I took this little quiz because of Arin (tomesofourlives). I love her. more than anything.

2 thoughts on “Can Shelby guess if the quotes are real?? Keep reading to find out…

  1. Ah I love your guesses!! Your first one is amazing because it actually is Simon hahaha. That scene is one of my faves. Also yessss Tessa is most definitely a queen!


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